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Sorry about this, but some people are just determined to be jerks, and more than a few of those people work in IT, with the result that things that should be simple become complicated. Case in point: You should be able to go from a blog to the ring return page on the homepage for a blog directly, just by clicking on a single link. You probably have an expectation that this will be the case. I’d like to meet that expectation, but I can’t.

Why? Because at some point in the indeterminate near future, blogger tells us, Blogger will shift from the current system to a new one, forcing me to choose between trashing the current look and feel of my blog or not updating the sidebar, really for no better reason than the fact that the current VP in charge of social media has a well known bent toward narcissism, and just won’t leave us alone. But the free homepage hosting services have, in a number of cases – and one never knows which – found a new way of surprising and delighting us. Every once in a while, they’ll send us e-mails notifying us that our sites are due for deletion due to “inactivity”, something that they can’t leave alone, because diskspace cost a whole 1/4 of a cent per Meg at the start of this century (and has been steadily dropping ever since), and by gosh, they need the 12 1/2 cents that deleting your 50 meg website will bring you. Or less. And tough … ahem … for the site owner.

End result: I need a way of updating the links back to the homepages that doesn’t involve going into Blogger management, so I’m setting up this page on because doesn’t seem to delight in creating headaches just for the sake of creating headaches, the way Blogger does, and it seems to be on solid ground (knocking on wood, superstitiously), so this page might offer an end to my headaches in this. Also, if Blogger’s ego driven nuisance should, at some point, leave me with unacceptable navigational issues, this blog could end up replacing the one on Blogger as the main blog for the Urban Backpacker’s Quarterly, the old Blogger location being left up as an archive.

Copies of the ring return page for my blog homepage can be found on Webring Webspace and Jabry.

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